At this time we do not offer hosting plans or domain name registration, though we do plan to in the near future. Domain name registration and hosting plans are a completely separate charge from the design cost.

There are of course many hosting and domain name registration sites to choose from. We will work with any that you choose, but a few that we are familiar with and recommend are:

Go Daddy Deal of the Week: Get 15% off your order! Offer expires 6/5/12

Regarding Bluehost, we recommend this provider for larger businesses, those with large eCommerce stores, or those wishing to host multiple websites within the same hosting. While it is twice as expensive as the other recommended providors, it provides twice as much as well. Bluehost is what kHo Webdesign is hosted on, and I can personally attest to their friendliness, helpfulness, and the wide breadth of the services they provide within the initial package.

Both JustHost and GoDaddy are also trusted companies which I've dealt with before and trust their customer service. Their prices are comparable to one another, and while you may find cheaper hosting elsewhere, the addage "you get what you pay for" may crop up its head if you use those. If you wish to host multiple domains or have personalized emails, there will be additional charges added to the advertised prices, so I do encourage caution when signing up to make sure you know what package you're building.

If you find the sign up process to be a bit daunting call us at 225-324-8903 and we can talk you through it on the phone. I also recommend speaking to me about any "extras" webhosting companies offer, as often times kHo Webdesign can provide those same services for you without the extra charge.

*We are affiliated with the three companies listed above, and do receive monetary gain from you having been referred to them by us should you make a purchase through them. If you purchase our design services as well, this will be taken into account regarding your overall quote.